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・About Traceability I make us Bokure. - - - - - - - EggMap

The thorough information disclosure from Producers

The traceability is the system which can chase a history and the location of the article itself.
It is asked how the perishable can send the quality and the safety that are the best article to a consumer while keeping it and, in each stage of food supply trips such as production, processing, the circulation the sale, chases information about the food with the article, and it is the system which can retroact.
At each stage of the food supply trip, I take the records such as the supplier or the sale future, and the traceability system keeps recorded information, and a chase and retroactivity of the information that recorded food and the course that circulated and the location by finding ties with the food with ID number are possible systems.
A chase of this food, the system for retroactivity can be improved for of reviews independence and thorough hygiene management by the process of manufacture.

・ The advantage to be provided by introducing a traceability system is as follows:

1. When a problem about food safety characteristics occurred, swiftness and simpleness can perform collection of food becoming the cause investigation and a problem.
2. Because I can facilitate the confirmation of indication contents with food safety characteristics and information disclosure to the consumer about the quality, it leads to the trust of the article.
3. I can contribute to improvement and the promotion of efficiency such as product management for a producer and a food enterprise, the quality control greatly.

Some vicious people of merchandising and violation of indication in the food super became the big social problem.
In addition, by the violence such as the issue of bird flu or the issue of new influenza, in the industry, trust recovery for the consumer becomes the future problem.

Do not the people have the strong interest about the issue of hygiene of a bought article?
The traceability cord completely shows all information such as the producer information of the purchased article or the store information.
I give information from an alphanumeric character printed on an individual egg by this system to a consumer and send security and trust.
Companies performing information disclosure to the consumer by a traceability system voluntarily in these days to be forced to life of the food industry by the daily effort by an illegal act by some suppliers idly of the industry to send trust to consumers increase.
Choose the metropolis and districts which purchased an article, and please check traceability in a "TAMAJI network" having you use it.

秋田 岩手
石川 山形 宮城
富山 新潟 福島
福井 岐阜 長野 群馬 栃木 茨城
山口 島根 鳥取
京都 滋賀 埼玉

福岡 広島 岡山 大阪 奈良 三重 愛知 静岡 山梨 東京 千葉

大分 和歌山 神奈川
宮崎 愛媛 香川
高知 徳島

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