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Event Information

※The current adoption information look at the following.

※The person desired look at the page of BokuOre Inc. group in a partner company.

※Recruitment ●Sales
I plan the most suitable solution and, for the problem of a company becoming the client, offer it and do problem solving.
The duties of a wide scale are possible till I cooperate with an associated company from the suggestion that used an article / the service such as information magazine or the Web site and I stand and give a new business including own company Medea whom the own company treats.

●Planninng・Media Puroduce
I hear the voice of the user and plan an article / service demanded from the world. Because I have both not only the consumer user but also the viewpoints of the company which is a client and think out a thing becoming the merit for both sides, a business sense is strong, and it is demanded

●Corporate Staff
A business plan, public information are strategic and, through duties such as the marketing, support corporate strategy of all companies.
I repeat a change and create the advanced functions that led the other company.
Salary I guide you regardless of age / experience.

※Aim accomplishment system and a result reward system
BokuOre Inc., I set the aim setting that is most suitable for each person's ability at that time every period of time and decide a reward (a salary / a bonus) by aim accomplishment and personal evaluation.
The climate which is conscious of maintains it, and practical use of the talented person at the maximum is always promoted the objective reward decision that accepted flexible talented person appointment, the pitch of the aim setting in speedy by this.
Salary revision It depends on individual difference.
Working hours Flextime
※Standard working hours 7 hours 30 minutes
Holiday ・2 days holiday in a week
(I get together to attendance existence, our calendar by a celebration ※ business section on several times a year Saturday on soil day)

・The end of the year beginning of the year / the summer / GW / the marriage / the congratulations or condolence / absence from work due to mourning / a transfer holiday

・Long vacation
I can acquire consecutive holidays of longest 28 days every continuous service three years.
Place ●The main office Tokyo
※The assignment to each place is possible nationwide.
Bonus Middle of the night / holiday duty allowance, commuting transportation expenses (by our rule) others
I carry we postscript matter sequentially as follows

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